If you’re a plasterer looking for a website, you have come to the right place.

From our very first client, Tim’s next door neighbour Ben Mullins of Tiverton Plastering, to plasterers up and down the UK, we know how to get plasterers like you work from the Internet.

Here is the Job Done guide to Successful plasterers’ Websites.

The keys to a successful plasterer’s website are:

  1. Clear uncluttered layout. Nothing should distract from the goal of the website, that is make the visitor call the plasterer.
  2. Describe the services you offer, but not in confusing detail. Remember that the customer is not as familiar with your world as you are. If he or she needs external plastering, they want to see ‘external plastering’ on your website or they might assume that you only do internal plastering.
  3. BEING FOUND ON GOOGLE! This is crucial. The nicest, clearest website in the world is useless unless visitors are finding it where they are looking, on Google.
  4. Customer Testimonials. Hearing from satisfied customers is a great way to reassure potential new customers that you are reliable, trustworthy and your work is of a good standard. We know that it’s all too easy to put off getting some good testimonials up on your website but they really are crucially important if you’re going to get that phone to ring. Some plasterers are amazed at the difference a few good testimonials makes to their website.
  5. Displaying your phone number prominently. It’s vital that you give your potential customers what they need to contact you big, bold and central. You’d be amazed at how many plasterers’ websites fail on this critical step. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to get in contact with you.
  6. You might also want to include an email address that potential customers can get in contact with. This is particularly useful for people who surf the internet late at night when calling you would be antisocial. Your Job Done Website comes with an optional email address, or alternatively you can set up a Google one at www.gmail.com. Just remember to check it regularly!
What many of our plasterers tell us is that they’re surprised by the quality of leads that come in as a result of their Job Done websites. Many were used to getting smaller domestic jobs, but having a presence on the Internet has opened them up to larger commercial contracts and larger projects that they simply wouldn’t have had access to were it not for being found on Google.
One of our top Google results for a plastering website

One of our top Google results for a plastering website

If you’d like to hear how one of our plasterers’ websites changed the fortunes of a Halifax-based plasterer, Corin Bright, click the mp3 below to hear a phone call between Corin and Tim Kitchen, Job Done Websites’ founder.