How to get to the top of Google

Getting to the top of Google should be the first goal for many tradesmen looking to find more work online, as the potential rewards are huge.


Many tradesmen are unaware what getting to the top of Google could mean for their business, and many tradesmen don’t bother optimising their website despite the potential benefits involved.

Being at the top of Google results in much higher online visibility, more calls, and most importantly, more sales. In fact, websites at the top of Google search results receive 38% more traffic than the website in the second spot.


Job Done creates websites for plumbers, electricians, plasterers, and other tradesmen that are well-optimised, functional, and can help you get to the top of Google.

Here’s how:


We build well-designed, functional tradesman websites

People spend more time browsing websites that function well.
This lowers your bounce rate (how many people will immediately click off your site) which tells Google that you’re a good authority on a subject, and so you get ranked highly.


We know how to optimise your website for all devices

With over half of online searches now coming from handheld devices, it’s important your website functions beautifully on mobiles, tablets, and desktop computers. All our tradesman websites come with built in functionality for all devices as standard.

We are experts in SEO and content marketing for a variety of trades

We’ve spent years working on tradesman websites to help them rank better in the search engines, meaning we have the experience and knowledge needed to make you the first choice for your local area. We’ve even written a best selling SEO book on the subject.


Our tradesman website design services work with your business

We don’t create templated “one size fits all” websites like many other tradesman website developers. We actually spend time making genuinely unique and well-built websites that can put you in a better position online and increase the amount of work that comes through to you. Your business is different from the rest, so your website should be too.


To help you get higher rankings in Google, we’ll send you our FREE DVD: A tradesman’s guide to getting work from the internet.
If you’d like to know how you can get more results from your website, check out Tim Kitchen’s best-selling SEO Book “How to get to the top of Google”.


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