Getting more work from tradesman websites

The vast majority of people in the UK now use Google to search for tradesmen, so ensuring you have a website that is well optimised for the search engines is the key to getting noticed by potential customers.


Many tradesmen already have templated ‘one size fits all’ websites built by companies who create a few webpages with the promise that they will bring you in lots of customers. Unfortunately, due to the amount of competition online, this is not enough to give you a reliable source of work anymore.


Over 90% of people in the UK use Google to look for tradesman websites. By not having a well-optimised website, you’ll be missed by the vast majority.


To get noticed online, you now need to ensure you have a website that not only advertises your services to your customers but also works hand in hand with Google and other search engines.

Taking the time to do this search engine optimisation (SEO) can have a number of positive effects such as:


Better placement in Google’s search results

Your customers want the best man for the job, and if Google suggests you first, you’re more likely to get the work.

It’s common for many tradesmen to completely ignore their website after the initial set up, thinking that a website alone is enough to market them just by existing, but this completely misses the real hidden potential.

By optimising your website with words your customers use to find you in Google (known as keywords), links to and from other popular and relevant websites (link building), and by ensuring your customers can find the service they need from your website without going elsewhere (low bounce rate), you’ll be the first name that pops up when somebody searches for your services.


Cost-effective online marketing and websites for tradesmen

Placing ads in local papers can be ridiculously expensive, and with every other similar tradesman putting the same services on the same page, chances are it won’t be cost effective.

Adverts in directories such as the Yellow Pages are becoming increasingly useless as the world turns to online searches to find information. In fact, over 90% of UK homeowners now uses Google to find websites for plumbers, electricians and other tradesmen, so the days of print advertising are long gone.
Our tradesman websites are a fraction of the cost of monthly ads whilst being vastly more effective. You’d be placed randomly in most printed directories, but having a well-optimised tradesman website gives you the opportunity to be found at the top of Google for your local area before any of your competitors get a look in.


Professional first impressions

Having a well built and optimised tradesman website gives your customers a good idea of how reputable your business is. Nobody wants a cowboy, so why advertise like one?

Having a tradesman website that is well built and user-friendly means that you’re more likely to keep people browsing your services.
Google looks at the amount of people clicking away from your website (also known as bounce rate), and the more people that leave, the less it thinks you’re the business to show to customers. Making sure your customers get a smooth ride from the first search online, to calling your number is a priority.


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