Do tradesman websites need to be mobile friendly?

With well over 50% of online searches now coming from mobile phones and tablets, ensuring your tradesman website works well on handheld devices should be one of your top priorities.


It’s obvious how much the world now relies on mobiles and tablets but despite this, many current tradesman websites for plumbers, plasterers, and electricians, are still not optimised to run on these devices.

Many templated tradesman websites have long loading times, do not resize properly for smaller devices, and the design of each webpage may be difficult to browse through using mobile phone touchscreens.

All of this can lead to your customers leaving your website in frustration and looking elsewhere for the services you’re offering. This in turn then leads to worse Google rankings (since Google dislikes websites with a high bounce rate) and ultimately, fewer calls coming in.


Around 80% of mobile and handheld device users will leave a badly optimised website within the first minute. This tells Google that your website doesn’t work well, leading to lower rankings on the results page.


By taking the time to optimise your tradesman website for mobile devices properly, you stand a better chance of bringing in a reliable source of work.

Here are a few tips on how to start optimising your tradesman website for handheld devices:


Implementing click to call on your website

Customers want to be able to find your number as easily as possible, so making sure that it’s easily visible on each page is a priority. If you want to go a step further, implementing ‘click to call’ functionality means that your customers don’t have to spend time typing your number into their phone to call you. Instead, they can just tap on your number and the phone will set up the call immediately.


Changing your website size based on smaller screens

If a customer goes to a website only to find the text is too small to read, it’s a sure bet they’re going to look elsewhere. When someone has a plumbing emergency, the last thing they want is to mess around with scrolling and zooming or browsing through irrelevant web pages.

By implementing a website design that resizes when used on different devices, it’ll be a lot easier for your customers to find the information they are looking for, resulting in more of them getting in touch.


Reduce mobile website loading times

If it takes more than a few seconds for your website to load on a handheld device, most users will lose interest and find a different website. Reducing the load time usually done by implementing a few website design tactics, so it doesn’t require a complete website overhaul. We almost always see websites with a faster load time get more leads.



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