Demo Job Done Website

A Cautionary Tale

We first heard about Ben’s story back in August. One of our team members had spoken to him on the phone and once we heard what he’d been through we knew we needed to help.

It all started way back 6 or 7 years ago when Ben, knowing that he needed a website, was called out of the blue by a new company claiming to offer websites for tradesmen along with listing in an online directory. Not being particularly confident with computers, he didn’t really know what to look out for so he decided to give it a go and paid £900 for a new website and directory listing.

He waited and waited for his site to be finished, but instead received another call from the company.

“They wanted another £900 to finish the job” Ben told us. “I told them where to go, obviously.”

But it dawned on Ben that unless he paid up, he would lose his initial investment AND still be left without a website.

In the end he decided to pay up, although it left a very bitter taste. “I was on a big plastering job in the centre of town” he said, “so I decided to spend the money on my website.”

Unfortunately, the company he had now paid £1,800 to had different ideas. When Ben tried calling to find out how his website was doing, there was no answer. They wouldn’t return his calls and he couldn’t get through to anyone who could tell him when his website would be finished. In the end, he was forced to accept that he wasn’t going to see that money – or his website – again.

Understandably, Ben was left extremely sceptical about website companies after his experience.

It was a phone chat with one of the Job Done team that managed to persuade him to give it another go. We finished his website in September and when we went round in October to film a short video with Ben, he had already had some good work from his site.

“The phone was ringing before I had even seen the website!” he said, clearly delighted. It was important to Ben that the website required very little work on his part, as he doesn’t have access to a computer so sending photos would be difficult. Our team built the website for him, advertised it on Google and listed him on Google maps – all without any work on his part – and it continues to bring him in business now. If you do a Google search for “Tiverton plasterer” you’ll see him on the map ( with his phone number and location.

We check on his website regularly, as we do with all our tradesmen’s websites, to make sure they’re showing up where they need to be and if necessary we update them in order to boost their position.

Helping tradesmen like Ben is extremely satisfying, and he’s a prime example of why we do what we do – help tradesmen get work from the internet – because although the methods are virtual, the results are real and the work his website gets him is real. is most definitely Job Done.